Our Services

Rubus Technologies provides ground-breaking and original information, technology services and solutions that range from IT strategy to design and development, to implementation and management, to troubleshooting and support. We focus on your desired business outcomes that meet business requirements and goals to accelerate success. We pride ourselves in being the most reliable ICT solutions partner in transforming your company in terms of profitability, quality of solutions or services, customer satisfaction and performance of processes and operations.

We touch on 3 main Pillars which are:

IT Advisory

We work in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems.

Managed Services

We build technology plans that align to your business while managing day-to-
day IT operations.

IT Supplies

We offer a broad range of world-class technology products

Our Solutions

• IT Support
• Internet Speed Problems
• Hardware Upgrades & Repairs
• Data Backup & Recovery

• Software Setups & Updates
• Network Design & Support
• Wireless Solutions

IT Advisory

  • Executive Management: Rapidly developing an IT Strategy
  • Business Applications: Building a Strong approach to Business Requirements gathering
  • Enterprise Architecture: Designing an Enterprise Architecture Strategy
  • Security: Building an Information Security Strategy
  • IT Infrastructure & Operations: Standardising Service Desk
  • Vendor Management: Managing your Vendors before they manage you
  • Data & Business Intelligence: Enabling Shared Insights with an effective Governance Engine
  • Project & Portfolio Management: Optimising Project Intake, Approval and Prioritisation

Managed Services

  • Internet Services: Fibre, LTE, Microwave (Wireless), DSL, etc.
  • Cloud Storage: Microsoft 365, e-Mail Security & Archiving
  • Cloud Migration: Migrating to the Cloud has never been so easy
  • Collaboration: Office 365 collaboration tools like MS Teams, Skype for Business
  • Domain & e-Mail Hosting: All Domain Hosting Services
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation
  • IT Security: Firewalls, Antivirus
  • Datacentre Management: Datacentre Build, Monitoring & Maintenance
  • IoT: Internet of Things
  • Voice over IP (VoIP): Telephone line Provisioning, Softphone and Desk phones

We offer unique ICT consulting services to businesses:

At Rubus Technologies we help organizations succeed by providing them with reliable, innovative and state of the art technological infrastructure, services, products, tailored solutions and technical support pertinent to their field of expertise

Data Governance

  • Where are you storing your data?
  • In what manner is your data secured?
  • Do you have Policies in place for accessing Data?
  • What are you doing with the Data captured?
  • How do we control data storage and data lifecycles?

Threat / Risk Management

  • What are your Risks from a Cyber Attack perspective?
  • How can onsite Access become a Risk for Data?
  • During an attack on the Infrastructure what systems are in place to recover?
  • What systems prevent Risk to minimize the attack?
  • How do we detect and respond to threats like malware and phishing scams?
  • What is the recommended password reset policy?

POPI Compliance

  • What is the POPI Act and what does it take to be compliant?
  • Will your business need to be compliant and what would happen if you don’t comply?
  • When will the POPI Act to be implemented?
  • Will the POPI Act Affect your organisation?
  • What information would be classified as “Personal”?

Service Assurance (ISO Compliance)

  • Is compliance with regulatory standards like ISO, POPI mandatory?

Business Continuity

  • Does the organisation have onsite backups for recovery?
  • How safe and reasonably priced are cloud backups?
  • Retention policies recommended for your data?

Disaster Recover & Back-ups

  • Do you have onsite backups for recovery?
  • How safe and affordable are cloud backups?
  • What retention policy is recommended for your data?

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